Recipe: Frittata with Golden Beets & Rainbow Potatoes


Eggs are a wonderful, vital, nutritious food when sourced well. Organic free range eggs are full of Vitamin B12, they help nourish the body's fluids and are a wonderful source of supporting energy. They are not helpful for people who have chronic mucus or other "damp" conditions in TCM. *Additionally the allergenic potential of eggs is very high, so if you notice odd symptoms after eating, eggs may not be the best for you.


golden beet frittata


3 medium sized beets

1.5 lbs medium rainbow potatoes

7 eggs



Beets strengthen the heart in Chinese medicine. This is good for people with tendency to anxiety, insomnia, those who are easily startled and emotionally sensitive in general. They help improve circulation and purify the blood. They are also great to benefit the Liver (perfect for Spring time!) and they are also good in cases of slow bowel movements or constipation.




Heat (1-2cups) water in pot with steamer.

Use vegetable brush to clean dirt off of beets, slice beets and put in steamer of simmering water for 20 minutes.

While beets are steaming, use vegetable brush to clean dirt and remove eyes off potatoes.

Slice potatoes to similar thickness as beets.

When beets are done, pull out steamer, place beets in container.

Set up steamer in pot and put potatoes in for 10 minutes.

Turn on oven to 350.

Cook sausage in cast iron pan. You can slice or have bulk sausage, and it doesn't have to be overdone. You want it just finished. Remove sausage pieces but leave in residual fat.

In clean bowl, mix eggs to blend yolks and whites, do not beat.

Once potatoes are done, layer potatoes, beets and sausage in the pan. After 2 small layers, add 1/2 of egg mixture. Continue layering potatoes beets and sausage, then pour the remaining half of egg mixture over the layers.

Place in oven and bake for 30-35 minutes or until eggs are cooked.

Serve hot or cold! It's the perfect make-ahead breakfast or lunch!

NOTE: This recipe is just an example of how to make a frittata! There are so many different combinations of contents. I didn't add salt, because the sausage was seasoned, but if you are doing a vegetarian version you probably want to add more spices to the vegetables or the eggs before you cook.



Potatoes are extremely nutritive to the spleen- pancreas system in Chinese medicine. It is anti-inflammatory and can help relieve symptoms of arthritis. It is most nourishing when it is eaten with its skin. Similar to eggs and beets, potatoes nourish the Yin element in Chinese medicine. "the potato's yin, early nature is frequently craved by those with 'jet lag' and other stresses of the high tech world." p. 504 Paul Pitchford.