All seasons -

What is Well being?


ˈˌwel ˈˌbēiNG/


noun: well-being; noun: wellbeing

  1. the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

The seasons are important because nature is always shifting. Somehow, it has become hard in our culture to change, shift, make big life changes. This stickiness or inability to shift can look a lot of different ways - physical ailments, emotional suffering, just feeling "off". When we allow ourselves to live by the seasons, we give ourselves deep permission to change. 

These changes lead to career shifts, relationship changes, feeling physically stronger, more emotional grounding and an overall sense of well-being.

The seasons shift, fall to winter, spring to summer. These yearly cycles of weather and light shifts are important. Even more so, the seasons of our life. Childhood into teen years to early adulthood to mid life to aging more deeply and eventually, if we are lucky, into our elderly years. When we learn to live with the annual seasons we also gift ourself the grace to change and to age. We take care of ourselves with these changes rather than rejecting what is happening to us.